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A canelé is a traditional French pastry from Bordeaux and is essentially a long baked custard at high heat, creating a beautiful caramelised exterior with a soft, rich middle.

Canelé, translates to 'fluted' in English and refers to the traditional shape, the fluted edges that typically identify a canelé. We follow artisan methods and use copper moulds imported from Bordeaux. Before every bake we coat them with a mix of local beeswax for flavour, shine and tradition.

The ingredients are simple, so we use the best we can get. Pepe Saya butter, Maleny Dairies milk, farm free range eggs, Heilala Vanilla, Stroh Rum, Bee One Third beeswax, The Steepery Tea Co pure leaf tea products and Valrhona & Weiss Chocolate products.

However, a good canelé batter needs time to rest, therefore we require a 48 hour lead time from the time you place an order to delivery. If you have left it to the last minute, please email us as it may be possible we can accommodate your request, although not guaranteed.



"Canelés are textural masterpieces. The burnished crust—lacquered with butter & beeswax—crackles like the outer crumb of a fresh baguette, the torched sugar coating on crème brulee, or the burnt corner slice of brownie."
Niko Triantafillou


Currently, the flavours we have available are -
Original Vanilla Bean & Spiced Rum
Salted Caramel & Raspberry
Dark Chocolate
Speculaas (Dutch Caramel Biscuit)
Hazelnut Praline
Lemon Meringue (minimum quantity 8)
Matcha & Valrhona Dulcey
Honey Macadamia

Our regular size is: Approx. 5cm diameter x 4.5cm height *

*All flavoured caneles have additional height of topping which varies)

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If you are a cafe or other establishment, we have a wholesale list, please email us direct if you are interested.

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