How to order cakes



We would love to help you create a cake for your special day whether its a birthday, wedding, baby shower or just because!

We have a range of finished decorated cakes available to order through our online shop. Some of these can have minor customisation like cake flavour or additional flourishes/fillings, however the overall look of the cake will be as depicted.

We also offer our cake flavours as a fully customisable blank canvas - create your own cake - by selecting fillings, flourishes and textural finish. These options will be online soon. For more information on how to choose these customisations, please see the below pictorial guide.

For more information on cake serving size or how to select a create your own cake, please see below.
We offer our cakes in standard diameters of 6”, 8” and 10”. We have recently added a 2 layer height cake for those occasions where you just need '“a cake” or something not so large. These serving sizes are the same as whats below - just a smaller size.

We do require a 72 hour window from the time you place your cake to the time you need it. Please contact us direct if you do need a cake earlier, as we may be able to accommodate your request.

1. Choose your cake flavour, then decide if you want a regular height cake (pictured left) or tall height cake (pictured right)


2. Determine what cake diameter size you will need based off our guidelines.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 7.44.09 pm.png

3. Choose what flavour to fill and finish your cake with and what design style you would like. Our most popular are shown below. For anything outside these styles, please email us to discuss further.



4. Add any additional flourishes such as torched meringue, curd, fresh fruit, salted caramel etc.

cake torched meringue labels.jpg

5. Choose your collection date with at least two days notice and decide whether you require delivery or pickup. We will then confirm your order via email (sometimes we are booked out and will offer a full refund) and we can arrange delivery/pickup time and discuss any additional delivery costs or bespoke items.


*Cake Notes:
Our regular cakes have three layers of cake and two filled layers and are approximately 15cm high. Our tall cakes have five layers of cake and four filled layers and are approximately 22cm high, although this varies between cake flavours.

Fresh flowers can be styled on cakes, we can pick them up at market price or you can supply them to us, one day prior to collection date. Please contact us to discuss prior to checkout.